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Gadgeteer Modules

Gadgeteer modules are to me a stroke of brilliance as neatly bundle hardware with drivers that enable people to use their modules easily and quickly. I personally think its the best possible setup for allowing hardware folks to build and package hardware to the many software developers who will be coming into the devices world for things like IoT. I know a number of hardware makers who have offered both solder yourself kits and preassembled kits and the preassembled kits clearly out sold the build yourself kits so creation of Gadgeteer Modules allows hardware maker to build cool self contained hardware packages combined with software drivers that allow people to use their products just as easily as say installing a package off of NuGet.

If you want to build Gadgeteer hardware might I suggest reading '.NET Gadgeteer Module Builder's Guide version 1.10 ' ( ) and other documentation can be found here

There are lots of source code examples of Gadgeteer Modules Drivers here

Building Gadgeteer Modules is actually rather easy and if you have ever bread boarded a device then you will find Gadgeteer drivers to be a rather brilliant concept which makes sharing hardware as modules a natural to do.

If you want to create a module the first thing to do is install the .NET Gadgeteer Builder Templates ( ) which basically gives you a prepopulated project template for building a module driver and is basically a complete driver for a button so you know what code goes where. The other thing you will need to download is the WIX Toolset ( ) which is used to create the installer executable.

If you just want to compiler the drivers here you only need the WIX toolset.

If you just want the driver then you can download the executable found under the download section. Run that and it will install the driver such that the module is available in the designer and you good to go for using that module.

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