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Which drivers do you want to "own"?

Nov 30, 2014 at 5:16 AM
Guys, I have never been part of an open source project or had any previous experience with CodePlex, so I may not have the concept right at all. But, it occurs to me that it would be helpful to have a point-person for each of the modules to be maintained. Does that sound right to you?

My favorites (and the ones I have worked on) are the FM Radio and the IR Receiver. This is a place to upload, track, and contribute stuff like that right?
Dec 1, 2014 at 5:34 AM
You can see who uploaded what code so you could ask that person questions, but I think its better to put them in the discussion section such that anyone can answer would likely get back a faster response. I've put up the drivers thus far and have more to upload, but lots of people are more qualified then I am to answer questions about drivers and such.

If you have drivers that you would like to share then I would say this is the place to do that and I'd be happy to add you as a 'developer' here so you can. Working with CodePlex is really easy and for me having Team Studio experience this is Team Studio on a public stage so I found it much easier to use then Github for example. My objective was not just to put the source code for the driver but to also make it possible to download the installer so folks who don't want to install WIX (needed to build the installer) and compile their own driver could simply take the installer, run it and enjoy the benefits of the desired module and CodePlex is setup to do this in my opinion much easier then GitHub so here I am.